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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


Primo is run by the same folks who run Theo's, and they came highly recommended by the Luv Me Tender guy for their tenders and fries so the pressure was on them during a recent lunch trip.  Situated in the shopping center with the "gourmet" Harp's at Crossover and 265 in Fayetteville, Primo touts itself as a "neighborhood Italian restaurant".  After stepping inside, I guess I can buy that.  It's really more of a "Cheers" with pizza, but whatever.

Let's see....should I have the "Big Basket of Hand Cut Fries" for $3.95?

Or the "Side" order of "Hand Cut French Fries" for $2.95?  I have been tricked with the use of adjectives in the past to describe the amount of fries included in various offerings (see here), but I have to keep hope alive.  I ordered the "Big Basket".  I also got some tenders (for extra credit).

As professed by the Luv Me Tender guy, the tenders were awesome.  Super buffalo-ey!

The fries....well...they were pretty good.  $3.95 for this amount of fries is steep, but the place is classy so I guess you gotta kinda pay for not having to associate with riff-raff.

They are definitely fresh, and are quite savory with what seems to be an Old Bay/Lawry's-type spice mix and possibly something sweet (like cinnamon).  Couldn't place it, but it worked.

The only hitch was the age-old problem with fresh cut fries.  At least half of them were slimy.  I have recently been told by a few readers that they PREFER this type of fry.  Strange to me.  Takes all kinds, I guess.  I do not care for half-cooked and/or soggy/slimy fries.


The other half of the fries (the cooked ones) were the best hand cut fries I have had yet. 

All things considered (and assuming that the intent of the cook was to provide crisp as opposed to uncooked fries) Primo's fries rate a 9 out of 10.

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