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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Northern Exposure

Northern Exposure is in what used to be Smoky Bones.

The decor inside hasn't changed much-except for the SCANDALOUSLY-clad waitresses.  The picture of the girl on the menu is what the waitresses wear.  Minus the snowshoes, coonskin cap, and fishing lure vest.  Basically they are wearing super small daisy dukes and a crop-top.  Very distracting.  I was too embarrassed to try and take a picture of our waitress.

In a fit of confusion, I ordered a burger (which came with fries) instead of an actual order of fries.

The fries were straight out of the bag "seasoned" fries.  For some reason, the seasoning was kinda dull-like they got wet in the bag and the seasoning was diluted or something.  I kept licking the sides of the fries to get a better taste.  The waitress was not amused.  In fact she thought I was straight up crazy.  Whatever.

John reported his burger was "mmmmmppphhhphhhhh".

Jacques indicated that his chicken tenders tasted faintly of designer imposter perfume, but were otherwise tasty.

I was gonna give Northern Exposure a big "meh" for the fries until I saw this OBESE BEAVER PADDLING A CANOE tucked into a corner.  Now they get a 7 out of 10.

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