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Friday, November 26, 2010

Chachie vs. Turkeys 2010

I woke up on Thanksgiving morning and found that Chachie had erected some sort of hobo camp in my front yard.

GIBBY:  Uh, hey Chachie, whatcha got goin on here?
CHACHIE:  They're here.  Right now.  All around us.

It was clear that Chachie had been drinking lots of Parrot Bay & Coke (heavy coconut breath).  He gets pretty serious on Thanksgiving.  Notice how he wrote his name on his "Parrot Bay Drinkin Cup" so no one would try to "steal" it.

GIBBY:  Um......what are you talking about?
CHACHIE:  The turkeys.   The delicious turkeys. They're taunting us.  We have to eat them.

CHACHIE:  Don't worry.  I'll fry all those tasty bastards.

I took a shower and got dressed.  When I got to the kitchen, Chachie was preparing not one, not two, but THREE large turkeys for DEEP FRYING by injecting them with some liquid.  When I asked what was in the liquid, Chachie said "vitamins" and laughed evilly. 

The Grunion was up at this point and came to the kitchen gate to find out what was going on.
GRUNION:  What's up, pop?
GIBBY:  Uncle Chachie has gone turkey crazy.
GRUNION:  Sweet!  Can I help him fry the turkeys?
GIBBY:  No.  Go get dressed and wake up your mother.

Chachie dropped the first turkey in at 10am.

 It's really cool how the oil bubbles....

BIG DUMB GIBBY:  Is it hot?

After Amy put the burn cream on my hand I decided to stay away from the Parrot Bay Drinkin/Turkey Fryin Hobo Camp.  Chachie said it was his "contemplatin time" anyway.

I was only allowed back out to watch Chachie remove the first turkey.  With a puff of smoke, it appeared.

GRUNION:  Hey Chachie!  Do you need any help?  I can help!  I'm allowed in the front yard and I'm wearing my shoes and my mom said that I can walk out in the front yard and I can help if you want cause I'm really good at helping with stuff when I'm allowed to and I wouldn't get in the way or burn myself or knock anything over or anything if you let me come out there and just look at the turkey burning thing.....please?
CHACHIE:  You're too young kid.

Chachie kept deep frying turkeys all day.  It got to the point where there was no more room for turkeys on the counter.  I begged him to stop.  Finally, he got hungry and came inside to eat some of the turkey he had been frying.

JENKINS:  How's about slidin some of that bird my way?
CHACHIE:  No.  Go away or you will be deep fried.

JENKINS:  Oh, Chachie.  You will sleep after this.  And you will sleep with your mouth open.  And I will find your open mouth....

Fried turkey is the best turkey.  And Chachie is the best fried turkey fryer.  All hail Chachie.

Victory:  Chachie

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