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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Grunion and Z Talk Hogs

Z: So, The Grunion, how do you think the hogs will end up in the standings this year?  With Alabama losing to LSU, and us playing them  in our final game we have a real chance to-

GRUNION:  Which green thing looks better to chew on?  The buckety thing or the electronicky thing?
Z:  I don't know.  I thought we were talking about football...

GRUNION:  I'll tell you how football works.  You scare the other team into quitting by singing rock songs real loud.  Here, I'll show you.  YOU KNOW WHERE YOU ARE?  YOU'RE IN THE JUNGLE BABY!


Z:  Um, okay.  You are a crazy person.  I think I'm gonna switch to soccer. 

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