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Monday, November 29, 2010

The Grunion Reviews the Fries at La Huerta

La Huerta (on North College in Fayetteville) is a Gibby staple (for their fajita chicken nachos).  Unfortunately, they don't serve fries for adults.  However, they do serve fries for children and the Grunion was nice enough to provide the following review.

GRUNION:  After 4 straight days of poultry at the hands of Chachie, I'm really looking forward to these fries.

GRUNION:  The fries come with kiddie meals which include a hot dog, taco, or cheese burrito.  I told the waitress to just bring the fries.  I also had to tell her to stop touching my hair like five times.

GRUNION:  How long am I expected to wait?  Mmmm...chips....

GRUNION:  Little happy faces.  Isn't that cute.  Looks like they're tryin to hide something...

GRUNION:  Yup, as I suspected they're shaped like happy faces to distract from the taste.

GRUNION:  6 out of 10, but only cause they give a kid the equivalent of a hundred for only $1.25.

GRUNION:  Man, I shouldn't have gotten so stuffed on chips...

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