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Monday, November 22, 2010

Eddie Haskell's

Went to super-pricey Eddie Haskell's last weekend in that swanky faux-city area of Rogers right up the road from Pinnacle. I swear that group of buildings looks like a fake city set on one of the movie studio lots.  Anyhoo, we had to eat dinner at Eddie Haskell's cause the place we were going for Barnes' birthday party (McB's) is brand new and the waitress there told us that they didn't have food yet (we later found out that they did indeed have food, but the waitress is stupid).

As I waited for the fries, I ordered a Guinness. It arrived. No cloverleaf in the head. Boo. 1/2 a strike so far.
GIBBY: (to waitress)  Bartender can't do a clover, huh?
WAITRESS:  (blank stare)

GIBBY: (to waitress) How much is an order of fries?
WAITRESS: Ummmm. I think they're $3.25.
GIBBY: Dang! Are they worth it?
WAITRESS: Ummmm. I guess so.
GIBBY: Ummmm. Okay then.
The fries were listed as "beer-battered".  They looked really good, but tasted meh.  As I thought about it, the fries were like the faux-city buildings.  Looked good, but lacked substance.  Deep, huh?

I counted them.  63 fries!  WTF?  At $3.25 for 63 meh fries, that comes to 5.158 cents per meh fry.  WAY too much!

I wrote the price and how many there were on a napkin and took a picture so I wouldn't ever forget.  Boo.

Eddie Haskell's fries: 5 out of 10.

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