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Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Wendy's Launches New Fries

As you may (or may not) have seen in THIS POST from a while back, I have disdain for Wendy's fries.  But apparently someone up at Wendy's corporate up in Ohio has decided to try and appeal to "foodies" with a bunch of changes to their menu-one of which is a change to their fries over the next 2 weeks.  Ha!  We'll see about that.

Before I trucked on over to Wendy's to check it out I gave them a call to see if the new fries had made it to our area.
GIBBY:  Hey, I've been reading that you're getting some new fries. Do you have them yet?
KIM at WENDY'S:  We're getting fries with skin on them.
GIBBY:  Yeah.  Do you have them yet?
KIM at WENDY'S:  No.
GIBBY:  Do you have any idea when you may get them?
KIM at WENDY'S:  Um...what's today?
GIBBY:  The 10th.
KIM at WENDY'S: like a week maybe?

Dammit!  Stay tuned....

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