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Monday, November 29, 2010

Chicken Wing Saturday

On LSU game day (two days after Thanksgiving with a fridge full of leftovers) I awoke to find that Chachie had ONCE AGAIN set up a poultry processing operation/hobo camp in my front yard.  And once again, he was drinking A LOT of Parrot Bay and cola.  I don't know who makes Parrot Bay, but they probably send Chachie a Christmas card every year.

GIBBY:  Um...hey Chachie, whatcha cooking today?
CHACHIE:  Wings, man.  I'm sick of turkey.
GIBBY:  But they're basically the same thi-oh never mind.

GIBBY:  What happened to this apron?
CHACHIE:  Caught fire cause it was defective.
GIBBY:  Were you wearing it when it caught fire?
GIBBY:  Mmmmkay.

Chachie planned on cooking OVER 100 wings for the six people who were coming to our house to watch the game.  I thought that we might be a little short food-wise, so I suggested to Chachie that we also cook an entire GIANT bag of fries as well just to be sure.  Chachie agreed. 

Sweet, delicious french fries.  How I adore thee.  Especially in disgustingly large amounts.

The wings were awesome.  The fries were awesome.  We also got some of that stuff that girls and rabbits eat so that we could negate all the calories.

After the game, the Grunion did a victory dance with some makeshift pom-poms and sang his rewrite of the Razorback fight song.

No nap time! No nap time! Hello Kitty, No need to change my diaper now!
Drink a beer. Glug! Glug!  Pet a deer.  Pet!  Pet!
Arkansas has football fields!
Count your toes, Hello Kitty almost finished,
It's almost time for ELMO!
And if I could spell Arkansas, I'd yell it know just because
It's fun to yell!

Victory: Razorbacks

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