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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Brenda's Bigger Burger Redemption

Went back to Brenda's Bigger Burger today to continue with the fry investigation.  You may recall that in an earlier post I rated their regular and waffle fries (in addition to the burger) with a "meh."  This time we ordered the rest of the stuff on the fry menu (minus the tater tots and onion rings cause I don't do onion rings and we figured the tater tots would be boring).  The chick who takes the orders thought I was a loon for ordering only fries (she didn't know I was a professional).

It should be noted that Brenda's loses some points cause their orders of fried things are $2.04.  Kinda steep for a what is essentially a fast food joint.While we waited, I saw some things at Brenda's that raised some questions.  For instance, they close at 3:30pm every day.  Why do they need lights on the outside of the building?  And why are they on in the middle of the day?

Also, customers who want to eat at Brenda's have to sit at table outside.  There used to be umbrellas-what happened to them?  Considering the heat around here some shade would be nice....

After about 5 minutes, we got the stuff.  The battered fries are good.  Not amazing, but so much better than the regular fries, Brenda should just scrap the regular fries and serve only these.  Crisp on the outside, flaky, steamy, and flavorful on the inside.  Just like a fry should be.  They only questionable element is that they aren't really that battered, but whatever.  I give them a 6 out of 10.

The tater babies  (or "arkies" as they are known round these parts) are good, but not great.  Definitely the second best fry offering. Also a 6 out of 10.

The curly fries are the best thing Brenda's has.  Crisp, seasoned ringlets of goodness that leave you wanting more.  These rate a 7 out of 10. 

I will say that Brenda's has redeemed itself in my eyes with the fry offerings, but barely.....

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