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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Grunion vs. Friday the 13th

GRUNION:  Hey, what's this movie?
GIBBY:  Oops!  It's a scary movie called Friday the 13th that you shouldn't watch.
GRUNION:  Whatever dad, I'm not an infant anymore.  I'm a toddler.

 GIBBY:  Friday the 13th is not for toddlers.  Let's see, where's the remote...

GRUNION:  Whoa!  That big guy with the face that looks like a strainer killed those kids!

GIBBY: (fumbling with remote) he didn't... not really... that big guy gonna kill us on Friday the 13th? 
GIBBY: No. Listen, movies are not real.  They're fake.

GRUNION:  I'm scared daddy!  Please pick me up!
GIBBY:  Okay, don't be scared.  You're safe.
GRUNION: when is the next Friday the 13th?
GIBBY: In May of 2011.

Victory: The Grunion


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