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Thursday, August 19, 2010

The Grunion vs. Gibby: Round 2

GRUNION: Hey dad!  How about you let me practice on you?
GIBBY: Um...practice what?
GRUNION:  I learned how to hypnotize people from an infomercial.  I could hypnotize you to lose weight.
GIBBY:  You learned how to hypnotize people huh?  Okay, go for it.

GRUNION: You have to really believe in the power of hypnotizationing though. 
GIBBY: Okay. 
GRUNION: And you have to totally trust me... 
GIBBY: Okay.

GRUNION: Here we go.  Look into my eyes.  You are getting sleepy.  Sleepy.  Sleepy.
GIBBY: Uh-huh. 

GRUNION: You are falling into a deep sleep.  Like at naptime.  Deeper.  Deeper.
GIBBY: (closing eyes) Okay.

GRUNION: Deeper and deeper you are falling.  Your desire to eat french fries is fading and is being replaced with the desire to buy Elmo products.

GRUNION: Deeper and deeper.  Now you are floating away on a cloud.  Deeper.  Deeper.

GIBBY: So much for trusting you.

Victory: ?

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  1. ha! I can't get enough of the Grunion blogs.


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