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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Z Goes 90s on The Grunion

Z: Hey!  That drumming you're doing reminds me of my favorite NWA song!  Keep going!

Z: Straight outta Compton!   A crazy mother-

GRUNION:  Whoa!  Did you learn that from Uncle The Beez?

Z:  Yeah.  Why did you stop playing?
GRUNION:  That's too hardcore.  And also too 90s.
Z: Okay, I'll do another one.  It's by Pantera. 
Z:   Re....spect!  Walk!  Are you talking to me?

GRUNION: That's it.  I'm outta here.  I'm not stickin around for this kinda trouble.

Z:  Re....spect!  Walk!  Are you talking to me?  Are you talking to me?
GRUNION:  Hello!  Warden?  Can I get free here?  Hello? 

Z:  Hey dude!  Come back!  We got a good jam goin here!
GRUNION:  Warden?  Mom?  Dad?  Hello?

Z:  My name is humpty, pronounced with an umpty...


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