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Monday, August 2, 2010

Yard Sale Scavenger Hunt

Last weekend Rusty and the Bandit wanted to cheer me up so they came up with the idea to go on a Yard Sale Scavenger Hunt.  Rusty drew up the intricate rules and list of categories of items we were to search for as a team.

At the very first yard sale, the woman who owned the house said "Oh!  You're that band Hunkr Down!  What are you doing at my yard sale?"  Rusty told her that we just got back from a tour of Scandinavia and we needed some "supplies".  She was confused.

At the second yard sale,  there a woman with REALLY SWEET PANTS.

And Chachie found some fairy wings that looked great on him.  That girl in the background was REALLY PISSED that Chachie found the wings before she did.

The Grunion was not impressed by Chachie's wings.

At one of the yard sales, Rusty pointed out a classic rookie mistake that angers the professional yard salers: parking in the driveway.

As the day wore on, the offerings got more and more slim.  That didn't stop Rusty from CAREFULLY EXAMINING EVERY SINGLE THING AT EVERY YARD SALE.

The Grunion couldn't deal and checked out.

Did I mention that it was 654 degrees that day?  Sometimes we just sent the Bandit in for recon instead of getting out of the car.

After visiting over 150 yard sales in 4 hours, this was our haul:


Rusty masterfully left all this crap at my house.

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