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Friday, August 20, 2010

Brenda's Bigger Burger

Brenda's Bigger Burger.  I've driven by it a hundred times.  I've heard the running gag about their inconsistent hours.  I've said to myself  "I'm gonna try that place one day" a thousand times. I finally investigated yesterday.

Right off the bat I was surprised at how much stuff was on the menu.  Pineapple shakes?  Crazy!

Hmm.  Lots of fry choices.  Nice.

And the hours are prominently listed.  Maybe the "hours" joke is only an urban legend.
I ordered a cheeseburger, fries, and waffle fries (I didn't have enough cash to try every single fry offering).

I do not proclaim to be a burger aficionado, but in my opinion it was meh.  The price is great, and I imagine that the "Super Cheeseburger" at $4.49 is a great deal, but it would just be a larger version of this burger which would still be meh.  Worth the money, but nothing to cross town for.

Now for the fries.  The regular fries from Brenda's are what would happen if fresh natural-cut fries were bred with frozen run-of-the-mill Ore-Ida fries.  Kinda weird, and they were meh. 

The waffle fries were similarly meh.

I will always side with local joints over chains, so I am postponing finalizing a score until I have tried ALL the fry offerings.  So far it does not look good, but they do have battered fries so all may not be lost....

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