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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Primanti Brothers in Pittsburgh

One of the best things about having roving fry spies is that I don't have to go to Pittsburgh.  On a recent work-related trip to Pittsburgh, one of my fry spies (not JoeDonn) provided the following information about a Pittsburgh landmark.

The story goes that at some point in the 30's a trucker came into the Primanti Brothers restaurant wanting some potatoes he was hauling checked for freeze.  The cook put them on the grill and immediately (apparently potato-starved Pittsburghians) started asking for them.  The cook thought he would be cute and dumped them directly on the sandwiches of the patrons and the tradition of putting fries on the sandwiches was born.  So the sandwiches come with fries on them-get it?

Incidentally, Primanti Brothers is not owned by the original Primanti brothers anymore (or any Primantis for that matter), but apparently the menu lives on. They also apparently have something called Iron City Beer as well. A 24-hour restaurant with beer.  Hmmm.....

My fry spy inhaled the sandwich in 3 minutes and declared that the fries are a 6.5 alone, but the overall sandwich/fry experience rates an 11.

It rates an 11?  I think maybe the Iron City Beer is REALLY REALLY good. 

How else could he be so absent-minded as to not order one of their signature french fry offerings so as to rate them unfettered by competing/mitigating sandwich tastes?

This fry spy (not JoeDonn) will be beaten with soggy LP copies of Debbie Gibson's Out of the Blue until he learns that he is supposed to order a separate order of fries to rate. 

I mean seriously, they have SMALLMAN STREET FRIES (whatever that is).

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