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Friday, August 27, 2010

The Grunion and Z Comparing Bottles

GRUNION: Man, these are some sweet bottles, huh?

Z:  Mine's great, but I can't believe you're drinking that nasty stuff.  It's made from dead bodies-like in that Charlton Heston movie Soylent Green.

GRUNION:  That is patently ridiculous, and I don't believe you.

Z:  (mocking)  That is patently ridiculous, and I blah blah blah!
GRUNION:  Stop mocking me!

Z: Look!  I can see some bone fragments right there near the tip!  

Z: Lemme have that!

Z: Uh-huh.  Just as I suspected.  Definitely made from dead bodies.
GRUNION: Give me back my bottle!

Z:  Ew!  I think this bottle was made out of an old lady.  I think I taste lavender!
GRUNION:  Give it back!

Z:  Here, have it back you big baby.  I'd rather drink mine anyway.

GRUNION:  What's in yours?

Z:  I'm not sure.  Hey Lily!  What's in my bottle?

LILY:  *slurp*  Nothing.  *burp*

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  1. Don't drink the people Grunion!


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