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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The Grunion Plays Star Wars

GRUNION: Hey dad!  Remember that scene in Star Wars when they were trapped in the prison hallway and they had to go down into the trash compactor?
GIBBY: Um, yes...

GRUNION:  I can't hold them off forever!  There isn't any other way out!

GIBBY:  Um...when did you see Star Wars?

GRUNION:  This door is locked too!

GRUNION:  Looks like we only have one choice. 

GRUNION:  We gotta go down the garbage chute!

GIBBY:  The garbage chute?
GRUNION:  Someone has to save our skins!  Get in there you big furry oaf!  I don't care what you smell!

GIBBY:  Okay, you're going in the baby jail...
GRUNION:  AAAAHHH!  Something here in the trash compactor just moved past my leg!

GIBBY:  It was Elmo.

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