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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Grunion Vs. Hammontree's

Meanwhile, at Hammontree's....
GRUNION: Sweet! I finally get to try this grilled cheese thing I've been seeing everyone eat for the past 9 months! Hey, wanna hear a joke while we wait?
US: Sure.
GRUNION: Ok. Seems there was this fella from a place called Nantucket....
US: Whoa!
GRUNION: What? You've heard it?
US: Where did you hear that joke?
GRUNION: From Uncle The Beez.
US: We'll be having a talk with Uncle The Beez.
GRUNION: Ok, here's another one. Al Haig, a hooker, and a midget are trying to get into heaven-

US: Whoa! Not appropriate!
GRUNION: Jeez, I didn't know you were all so sensitive.

US: Forget the jokes, have some appetizers...
GRUNION: Hmmm. These appetizers looks suspiciously like the stuff I have at home.

GRUNION: Now that's what I'm talkin about! Hey, what's this green thing?

GRUNION: I'll give it the bite test...

GRUNION: Ok, let's try this grilled cheese.

GRUNION: Hmm. Warm, chewy, yummy.

GRUNION: It makes me...... kinda........sleepy....

Victory: Hammontree's

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