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Monday, August 9, 2010

The Razor's Edge Review

You know, when I started this report WAY back in June, I didn't realize how hard it was gonna be to review all the fries in the area.  With over 600 restaurants in Fayetteville alone, it's probably gonna take me at least a year to review them all.  And that's if I hit 2 a day.  Luckily my informants give me tips about new joints all the time-like the Razor's Edge on MLK (formerly known as 6th street in Fayetteville right across from lot 56).

Let me start by saying that this place is gonna make monster $$$ when football season starts.  The location is prime for hungry pre and post game folks AND they will have a beer/wine license soon.  AND the food is priced "accordingly".  I am using the term "accordingly" cause they won't be winning any awards for appealing to your epicurean side any time soon.  We're talkin simple stick-to-your-ribs type stuff here.

The current special is a burger, fries, and drink for like $6.99 or something.  My informant (not Tony B.) ordered the special as a mushroom/swiss burger.  He was pretty happy with it.  Incidentally, this informant (not Tony B-why do you keep asking?) is probably THE preeminent local authority on all things burger, so I take his opinions very seriously.

I tried the special as well, but focused my attention on the bacon-cheddar fries.
I have made it clear on several occasions that I am not a fan of the natural-cut fries and I don't understand the resurgence of their usage.  The only guess I have is that they are super cheap to make (just pass a raw 10 cent potato through one of those cutters) and you are done.  Never mind the slimy texture, undercooked middles and ends, and apparently obligatory black potato eyes gagging you with each bite.  This type of fries is terrible, and I have yet to experience them at a place where they were good.

On a positive note, they serve breakfast all day, and the breakfast burritos look awesome.

Fries at Razor's Edge: 4 out of 10 (and only cause they are priced "accordingly")


  1. I think I used to play radio with that guy...

  2. bacon cheddar fries? that's got to be some sort of sin.


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